The WD5GIC APRS System consist of the following:

WD5GIC-3 is located at the top of the WD5GIC 190' Main Tower which is about 1.5 miles SW of Granbury.

WD5GIC is located about 800 feet from the WD5GIC Tower and is running a Kenwood TM-D700, UI-View32 and a HP ProLiant Microserver with Windows 10.  This station is an IGate and connected to the Internet via fiber to the WD5GIC main tower.

WD5GIC Repeater System owned by Ronnie Franklin

The WD5GIC Repeater System started as a single repeater in late 1990.  The repeater was intended to provide my family a 440mhz repeater in the Granbury area.  Since then, the single repeater has grown to a 3 repeater system.  The present configuration and status of each repeater is as listed below.

147.080 - PL 88.5   - Granbury    - Operational
224.340 - PL 88.5   - Granbury    - Operational (Linked to NCTC Systems) 

442.025 - PL 88.5   - Granbury    - Operational
440.XXX - DMR CC1      - Granbury    - Should be Operational NLT 06/15/2022

  • North America - TG-3 TS-1
  • World Wide - TG- PTT TS-1
  • TG Texas Statewide TG-3148 TS-2
  • North Texas - TG-2 TS-2

UPDATE 05/17/2022

We have been assigned a 440 pair to test and should have the DMR repeater on the air NLT June 15, 2020.  The repeater is a Motorola XPR8400 UHF. 

Each Analog repeater in the system is designed to be linked to all the other repeaters when needed.  At the present time the 147.08, and 442.025 repeaters are linked together.  The 224.240 repeater is in stand alone mode but can be linked to the other repeaters.

Granbury: 147.08, 442.025 -These repeaters are presently all linked together and cover the Granbury/Hood County area very well.

Granbury: 224.340 - Normal configuration of this repeater is linked to NCTC Networks.  If needed a Admin can also link to 147.08 and 442.025.  The 224.340 repeater covers the Granbury/Hood County area very well.

Granbury: 440.650 - D-Star Repeater is provided by Home Land Security and the North Texas D-Star System

Granbury: 1258.80 - D-Star Data Radio is provided by Home Land Security and the North Texas D-Star System

D-Star System: The system consist of a 440mhz D-Star voice repeater and a 1.2ghz 128kbs data radio. The system was provided through a Homeland Security federal grant.

For more information and what radios you will need to operate through the D-Star equipment and software please look at some of the links provided. - Icom Radio D-Star Information - List of Callsigns heard around the world - Software links - Repeaters - Stations heard - Digital APRS - D-Star Information